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Saints Row 2 Game

Review: Saints Row 2 - the game studio Volition, Inc. and THQ in the genre of action with elements of racing and arcade games, released in 2008, the continuation of the game Saints Row 2006. The game has a varied soundtrack that includes songs of Paramore, Young Jeezy, and many others.

In Saints Raw 2 The main hero or heroine - the protagonist (more) 1st part, and now the second. After the events of the first part of it (a) lay (a) into a coma for five years. After escaping from prison, he decides to revive his band, while removing all of who he (s) interferes.

More In Saints Raw 2 Johnny GET - Lieutenant Saints and the best friend of the protagonist. But he remembers what used to be a gang. From dialogue judge and Geta and speech Jane Valderrama (in Saints Row 3 is already Stilporta TV presenter), we learn that he made three hundred eighty-six murders and one attempted murder of police chief Troy Bradshaw (former Lieutenant of the saints). The mission of the Ronin was seriously injured but survived. Available as an ally after the passage of the Ronin.

Saints Row 2 Game

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