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Saints Row IV Game

Review: Saints Row IV - a multi-platform computer game in the action adventure genre with elements of an open world, the world edition of which was held August 23, 2013 on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. January 30, 2015 the release of the game on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with all that go out to game DLC. After some time after the events of Saints Row: The Third Saints are sent to Pakistan to kill Cyrus Temple, which has teamed up with terrorists and successfully carry out this mission at the same time defusing a missile, which had planned to blow up the Temple in Washington. In the same mission, players are introduced to a new character - Agent Asha Odekar and new ally - former antagonist Matt Miller.

After 5 years after the events in Pakistan boss with all the gang, which includes characters from different parts of the series of Free Download Saints Row IV Game Full Version Direct Link, become members of the US government. At the White House commits an assault of alien invaders Zinyak (Dzynyak) who kidnaps Boss and several characters, imprisoning their bodies on one of their ships, and the consciousness - in a simulation of the real world.
Saints Row IV Game

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