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Batman Arkham Asylum Game

Review: Batman Arkham Asylum PC Video Game Full & Final Setup In A Single Direct Link Works For All Windows Operating Systems (Xp,7/8/8.1/9/10). Batman Arkham Asylum Game is a computer game in the Action-adventure genre for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, developed by "Rocksteady Studios and released by" Eidos Interactive in partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Comics in 2009 year. Part of the series Batman: Arkham asylum. Based on the Batman comic book series.

The Batman Arkham Asylum Game begins with Batman brings caught the Joker in mental hospital Arkham. Batman does not like what the joker is too simply gave up, so he decides to accompany a psychopathic killer in the clinic. Joker is now 1 soon escapes from the hands of the guards and freeing all the prisoners, using them to capture the entire island of Arkham. Joker prohibits police and intervene in its affairs superheroes alike because it undermined the entire Gotham City, so Batman can help only a handful of guards led by James Gordon, Aaron Cache and Oracle (Barbara Gordon). In the course of investigation plans Joker Batman learns that a certain Dr. young has created a new mutagen based on "Venom" Bane - "Titan", which makes the common man incredibly strong as Bane. This project was secretly funded by the Joker himself, who wants to create an invincible army of monsters. Batman poison ivy's Lair delves into there and asks her to find a cure. She reports that it has Croc. Batman enters the Lair of the Croc and finds a cure. The Joker turns his improvised into monsters. Batman is able to find and destroy the formula; defeat the Scarecrow who wanted to poison new hallucinogen sewers of Gotham City; overcome the poison ivy, which was under the influence of "Titan", Harley Quinn, bane, and Croc; solve a great number of riddles and puzzles Riddler; create an antidote to "Titan"; find ghost Chronicles Amadeus Arkham and stop the rebellious prisoners. In the finale the Joker turns using the "Titan" in the giant monster, however, Batman is able to defeat him. Police arrived shortly thereafter takes the situation in under control, Arkheme and Batman when he heard on the radio that Two-faced robs the second National Bank of Gotham City, rushes to him to interfere. In the video after the credits the only remaining container of "Titan" picks up one of three opponents: killer Croc, Bane, or Scarecrow.
Batman Arkham Asylum Game

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