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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Game

Review: Battlefield Bad Company 2 a computer game in the genre of tactical first-person shooter developed by EA Digital Illusions CE and published by Electronic Arts. The game was released for PC platforms (Microsoft Windows) PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 3 March 2010 in Europe in North America and 5 March Battlefield Bad Company 2 a direct sequel to Battlefield Bad Company which was released in late June 2008 3.

Canopy 1944 the Sea of ​​Japan.  Japan.  Command of the United States sends a special squad to find the Japanese scientist who can change the course of the war.  They make their way through the Japanese defense and find a scientist.  Suddenly a strange noise is heard which is accompanied by seismic tremors.  The scientist would explain it like this "Black gun is about to turn and all - the bodies!".  A squad decides to get to the docks submarines.  As soon as they leave they appear blue light a deafening sound and a huge wave.  The detachment from the submarine covers the tsunami and all die.

Our days.  Between Russia and the USA there is a war.  After a series of defeats the Russian army begins new offensive in the short term was captured almost all of Eurasia as well as Japan and New Guinea.

The countries of Latin and South America decide to cooperate with Russia allowing them to finally gain a foothold in the region.  Russia and its allies begin to attack on the US side of Mexico and Alaska.  Command of the United States sends Bravo 2 unit in the composition of the arrow Preston Marlowe Samuel "Sergeant" Radford a computer specialist and Sweetwater Bomb Gordon Heggarda on the Kamchatka peninsula to help counterintelligence.

But intelligence agents are Russian military and then it executes general.  Command orders to get to the truck with the load.  After transportation capture chase begins.  After chasing squad is case with a strange like a shot of grenade launcher machine.  Bredvud captain says that the guys found a fake and tells them to go to Bolivia where he works NSA agent Eguaer.  Also the general gives them the stick they should show the agent at the meeting.
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Game

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