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Battlefield Hardline Game

Review: Battlefield Hardline PC Video Game Full & Final Setup In A Single Direct Link Works For All Windows Operating Systems (Xp,7/8/8.1/9/10). Battlefield Hardline A multi-platform computer game in the genre of first-person shooter the twelfth in a row from the Battlefield series of games developed by Visceral Games with the support the DICE 2 3 and published by Electronic Arts  for PC PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 Xbox 360 and Xbox One.  The representative of Electronic Arts has officially confirmed the development of the game May 28 2014 in the series Battlefield blog.  In May release date was announced - October 21 2014 4 1 but later the date was moved to March 17 2015.

The rumors that the studio Visceral Games is working on a game for the Battlefield series appeared in December 2013 the first year 6.  At the end of May 2014 in Battlelog code were found references to a game called Battlefield Hardline in public access to the trailer falls Splitting of multiplayer and single-player campaign 7 8 9 10.  May 28 2014 Electronic Arts launches the official website of the game stating that the information about the game will be revealed June 9 2014 at the E3 show in 2014 and the expected release date - autumn 2014 which is not surprising because in the autumn leaves next game  series Call of Duty - the main rival of the Battlefield series the game Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

The representative of Visceral Games in the series Battlefield blog confirmed the existence of games themes (struggle against the representatives of the law of criminal elements of society) future changes in the multiplayer component of the studio and a unique approach to the creation of the single player campaign.  In its reports in the Journal of twitter head of the studio Steve Paputis (Eng. Steve Papoutis) reports that an official announcement was scheduled at E3 2014 but once the information got into the network before the scheduled date the studio and the publisher had no choice as to reveal some details  before.  Caught in a shared trailer for the game was set up more than 6 months ago (December 2013) and since then the game has undergone many modifications which will be shown June 9 2014 11.
 Battlefield Hardline Game

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