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Chaos Legion Game

Chaos Legion PC Video Game Full & Final Latest Game Setup In A Single Direct Link 100% Work Supports All Windows OS (Xp,7/8/8.1/9/10). Chaos Legion PC Video Game 100% Working And Tested Links Of Full Chaos Legion Video Game. Chaos Legion Game Is Very Interesting Game To Play And Enjoy. Lets Download And Enjoy Chaos Legion Full Video Game From Darkgamingzone.Com.

Chaos Legion in the location - Knights of Chaos) - a computer game in the genre of slasher developed by Capcom on the novel That Ubakaty.  Out localized Russian PC-version of the game took place on July 1 2005.  Localizer and publisher was the company "Akella".

The Order of St. Ovelia Accommodations been one of the most powerful orders Mid-World.  His followers could control and subjugate the souls of creatures from other worlds.  However the Order wanted even more power.  Knights which included Siegfried Varhayt Victor Delacroix and Sale's Riviera was ordered to release the Spirit of Atonement - Azrael that the Order has desired command.  Azrael was stronger than expected by the cardinals of the Holy Ovelia Accommodations and paladins of the Order were forced to seal the Gates of Chaos.  But Azrael had to find a reliable Messiah in the Middle World.

Some time later in Lotarle the Holy City the senior member of the Order of dark characters been attempted and was killed.  The killer stole the forbidden ancient Talmud the Apocrypha Isarco.  The thief disappeared but it identified a former knight of the Order - Victor Delacroix.  They said he went to the Forbidden City Isarco bringing destruction and leaving in its wake hordes of monsters.  Azrael planted his corn in the heart of Delacroix.  Victor received a huge force considers that all the troubles of the Order of the enslavement of the departed souls that can command Legions of Chaos - aliens from the World of Darkness a mighty pillar of the Order.  But I do not care about the clergy's sermons apostate.  The head of the Knights need to find Delacroix and return the sacred tome.  Task entrusted Varhaytu ridge once the former best friend of Delacroix.
Chaos Legion Game

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