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Delta Force Black Hawk Down Game

Review: Delta Force Black Hawk Down PC Video Game Full & Final Setup In A Single Direct Link Works For All Windows Operating Systems (Xp,7/8/8.1/9/10). In Delta Force Black Hawk Down Game For 11 missions the player will hold the Middle East (mainly Iran) battling with Army fighters of General Kaûba and remove drug traffickers led by Antonio Paolo in Colombia. Game in the West stands as a paid supplement to the Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, because any changes to the game engine has not happened in Russia Snowball Studios releases as a completely separate game called "Delta Force. Operation "Cartel".

Port of traffickers-Colombia, Patía River Delta, 26.04.2004 6:00 your squad will have to disembark from the helicopter and climb up the river that would attack disguised as Port Antonio Paolo drug kingpin. To detect the port to destroy boats of smugglers and cargo of drugs.

The airfield in the jungle-Colombia, Eastern hills of the Cordillera, your 7:00 to be squad 27.05.2004 landing from a helicopter at a masked jungle airfield. your goal is to destroy air transport smugglers, neutralize the "staff" of the airfield and seize the cargo of drugs.

Secret Lab-Colombia, Ikstana, 18-Jul-2004 21:00 your squad must get from RHIB boats controlled by the enemy in the vicinity of the city of Ikstana, to find and defuse the secret laboratory of drug Arrest-Colombia, Čosi Valley, 20.07.2004 16:00 you need to get in the foothills of the Cordillera, detect, seize or destroy drug Lord Antonio Paulo. Villa on the island-Colombia, Paolo Island, Found the apartment 4:00 28.08.2004 Antonio Paolo. You must destroy water and air transport drug kingpin, when the path to the retreat will cut off-massive attack will begin a Pitchfork.

The game is on the phone (characteristic for mobile) 2D graphics. There are 12 missions: 6 in Iran and 6 in Columbia. Tasks, unlike computer games, only four will be: rescue the hostages, bomb objects to smooth out the area and destroy equipment. The game was developed in year 2006 and, despite similarities with Team Sabre, called Delta Force: Black Hawk Down. The main feature of the game is that the player controls a fighter (as in a computer game) and three soldiers - engineer, sniper and dreaded ground attack plane - with their own unique abilities.
Delta Force Black Hawk Down Game

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