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Review: GTA Episodes from Liberty City Game Pc Video Game Full & Final Setup In A Single Direct Link Works For All Windows Operating Systems (Xp,7/8/8.1/9/10). Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories a console and computer game developed by British studio Rockstar Leeds in conjunction with Rockstar North American and publishing studio Rockstar Games. This is the sixth in a row and the fourth three-dimensional game in the genre of 3D-shooter arcade elements c autosimulator and freedom of movement in the game world of the game series Grand Theft Auto. As of July 2006, GTA: LCS - the best-selling game for the portable game console Sony PlayStation Portable ™. In the PlayStation 2 game was released in June 2006 with a suggested retail value of $ 19.99 in North America and £ 19.99 or € 29.99 in Europe. The price of the version for PS2 games below normal value more than twice (the first three parts of GTA were worth $ 49.99 for that platform). At the same port for the PS2 does not support multiplayer and the ability to listen to music in the game the user and the graphics performance level identical to the version for the PSP, that is inferior to modern standards for the PS2. for IOS version has improved in terms of graphics.

Gameplay Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories has preserved all the characteristic features of the previous games in the series Grand Theft Auto.  The main hero of the game is Toni Cipriani who gave Claude mission in Grand Theft Auto III.

All missions hero receives from crime bosses and other characters in the game.  During the time of the Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories players can perform many tasks from different characters including Salvatore and his wife Mary Joseph Daniel «JD» O'Toole Vincenzo «Lucky» Chilli and even the old mother Tony.  The main character can not swim can not eat change their appearance and improve their performance but can change clothes which opened after the passage of certain missions.  In addition to the 70 main missions of the storyline in the game there are additional minor missions Race telephone mission «Rampage» the task of the representatives of different professions stealing cars to order unique car jumping and collecting secret packages.  Driving persecution by the police remained entirely.  Also do not change significantly the artificial intelligence of other characters in the game.
GTA Episodes from Liberty City Game

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