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GTA V FULL Game + Unlock EveryThing

Review: Grand Theft Auto V GTA V + Unlock EveryThing Cars and Unlimited Money Full & Final Setup In Direct Link 100% Work. For the first time in the history of the series in the game there are just three main characters which can be selected at almost any time 13 14.  In some missions in Grand Theft Auto V GTA V available two players in some missions the player throws at the other characters in the script.  Choosing a character is carried out using a circular selector where the lower fourth sector reserved for the character created by the player in the Grand Theft Auto Online.  All in the game 62 main missions and numerous side.  Since the mission of the robbery in Grand Theft Auto V GTA V can take place in several ways and the game has three endings the number of primary missions increased to 69.
Grand Theft Auto V GTA V For the first time in the series the main characters have special skills giving them an advantage over other heroes.  Franklin - slowing down time while riding public transportation which gives an advantage in the maneuverability.  To fill the scale of Franklin skills necessary to gain maximum speed of transport to avoid accidents or driving in the opposite lane.  Michael - slowing down time during the shooting which facilitates aiming.  To fill Michael skills scale required to drive at high speed to eliminate the enemy in close combat or kill shot in the head.  At Trevor - fits of rage thanks to which it deals damage to enemies twice as much and he gets half.  Scale Trevor skills is filled when he kills enemies making shots in the head drives at high speed and takes damage.

The scene of Grand Theft Auto V was the fictional city of Los Santos the prototype of which is Los Angeles.  Los Santos for the first time appeared in one of the previous games in the series - Grand Theft Auto San Andreas which was published in 2004.  In the game apart from the city there are also the surrounding area countryside mountains forests hills and beaches in the game known as "Blaine County" 7.  There is also a separate play space - a fictional state of North Yankton (English North Yankton.);  probably a parody of the real-life North Dakota near the Canadian border.  This state is only one somber city - Ludendorff.  In North Yankton can not get there with the exception of two story missions which is set directly in the Ludendorff.  The entire map of Los Santos and the surrounding area is open to players from the outset.  In the January issue of Game Informer interview with Dan Houser has been published for the year 2012 where he said that the size of the map in GTA V will be very large. 15  In fact the map of GTA V at about 7.5 times greater than GTA IV Liberty City 3.5 times more than the San Andreas state of GTA SA 9 times more than the game world GTA Vice City 14.6 times  More GTA III cards 16 unauthoritative source?  312 days and 4 times more Red Dead Redemption Card 17.
Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V)

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