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Mass Effect 1 Game

Review: Mass Effect 1 Gamecomputer role-playing game in a genre thriller, designed by BioWare and released by Microsoft Game Studios in 2007, the year the first part of the Mass Effect series. The game was originally released only for Xbox 360; in the year 2008 version of the game for Microsoft Windows, and in the year 2012 - version for the PlayStation 3. In English, the game was released by 1 c in the year 2008 and again in the form of a "Gold Edition" with full voice conversations - in 2009.

Mass Effect 1 Game According to the plot of the game, set in the XXII century, mankind has mastered the technology of flight sverhsvetovyh, including in the name of the game "mass effect", and came into contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. The protagonist of the game, earthling Shepard becomes special agent - "Spectrum" in the service of interstellar Council Citadel. Together with a group of companions, as earthlings and extraterrestrials, he visits different areas and star systems in the milky way. During the Mass Effect Shepard and his companions, pursuing traitor Å arena faced a true threat to the Galaxy: the ancient civilization of intelligent machines - grim reapers.

For the games in 2008 and 2009 were released two downloadable add-ons that can add new places to visit and activities not related to the main storyline of the game. Two further games continue, "Mass Effect 2" (2010) and "Mass Effect 3 (2012), forming a complete trilogy about the adventures of Commander Shepard. The player is given the opportunity to transfer files saved from one game to another, making the decisions taken by the player in the first game of the series, had an impact on the storyline and the subsequent events of the games.

In Mass Effect 1 Game The style is reminiscent of other games from BioWare, such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire. Unlike KOTOR, the player directly controls the actions of your character. The player can choose two companions for each job, you can change the selection, only returning to the ship (KOTOR and Jade Empire, this could have been done almost at any time). In the game there are five categories of weapons: pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles and grenades. Weapons (except the pomegranate) has infinite ammo, but quickly overheat, which has to be used carefully.

In the same way as in the above mentioned games, in Mass Effect is a kind of magic. Specific individuals (Bioethics Unit) have the innate ability to manage local gravitational fields, and, thanks to game implants and heavy training, can use its nervous system to apply a variety of skills telekinetičeskogo nature.
Mass Effect 1 Game

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