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Mass Effect 2 Game

Review: Mass Effect 2 Game for PlayStation 3 consoles, Xbox 360 and PC in the genre of role-playing game with elements of Action released by the Canadian Studio BioWare in January 2010 onwards. The second part of the Mass Effect trilogy.

The plot of the Mass Effect 2 Game is the sequel to Mass Effect. The development of the game began almost immediately after the release of the game Mass Effect. The events of the second part of the game will follow immediately after the events of the book "Mass Effect: Ascension. Casey Hudson, BioWare's project manager, said that players should not delete their saved games first part; the election made by the player in the first part will have an effect on the second part. Not played in the first part of the players, will be able to create a new character and receive a summary of previous events in the series.

Stealth system "Normandy" is the most interesting feature of the vessel. This system works on the principle of heat absorption and Ionic radiation from the ship engines in teplohraniteli on the plating. During the motion carefully, this system does not work, because the radiation leak outside engines absorption devices. Also, if someone vyglânet in the porthole, then be able to see the "Normandy", but most ships use radars to detect other ships. "Normandy" can go to the "quiet mode" traffic on 2-3 hours before stealth system becomes full and "resets" the accumulated radiation, giving the location of the vessel. However, if you disable the engines and just drift, the system can stretch for several days.

This Mass Effect 2 Game system draws energy from another experimental device on the ship-propulsion system "Tantal" which surpasses any other size designed for frigates, twice. This system not only makes the ship fast and invisible to radar, but also allows you to fly faster than the speed of light is much longer before the engine needs to be recharged.

Unlike standard team decks Alliance, where the bridge is located in the Centre for more efficient communications between officers of the senior officers and their subordinates, the Normandy bridge is based on the turianskom design and is located in the rear part of the deck. Turianskie commanders prefer to watch over his staff not to be among them. Alliance engineers wanted to check the success of design on human command structure. Ship officers use radio mounted in their uniforms to communicate with operators in front of the vessel.

Mass Effect 2 Game

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