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Prototype 2 Game

Review: Prototype 2 PC Video Game Full & Final Setup In A Single Direct Link Works For All Windows Operating Systems (Xp,7/8/8.1/9/10).  Prototype 2 (rus Prototype 2.) - A computer game in the genre of sci-fi action with elements of RPG developed by Radical Entertainment.  Released on 24 April 2012 for the PS3 platform Xbox 360 on July 22 2015 for the PS4 platform July 14 2015 for the Xbox One platform.  The sequel of the game Prototype.

In Prototype 2 Game Fierce epidemic has been stopped the city saved.  The chaos ended after an explosion off the coast.  But after 14 months "Mercer virus" as it christened Corporation "Gentek" breaks out again in the city.  "Black Watch" (eng. Black Watch) «iron fist" begins to restore order in New York 2 but the viral outbreak has 72 hours is spreading throughout the city.  And former New York and now New York Zero is divided into three zones - "Red" (abode Mercer) "Yellow" (abode of survivors) and "Green" (stall "Watch" and "Gentek").

In Prototype 2 Game Sergeant James Heller (Eng. James Heller) was in a "hot spot" in the Middle East.  In New York he was waiting for the family - daughter Amaya and his wife Colette.  On the phone Colette tells her husband that the epidemic in the city again.  Heller tries to comfort his wife saying that soon will return and the family leave the city until things get better.  However after returning home James discovers that his family died during the epidemic.  He blames the terrorist known throughout the city of Alex Mercer (Eng. Alex Mercer) eager to kill him considering him guilty of the death of loved ones and called the volunteer on a suicide mission in the center of the "Red Zone" in Manhattan.  But the APC with the military which is Heller knocks burned car.  All the soldiers except Heller die.  After a failed attempt to kill Mercer knife Heller begins to follow him along the way encountering almost the entire fauna of the "Red Zone" infected birds (Flyers) Wrangler (the analogue of the Hunter from the first game) Goliath (a huge monster with a shield on the left limb which  he sweeps away everything in its path).  Mercer also confuses a military helicopter which avoids Heller.  James successfully avoiding all the threats then with a knife killing pounce Wrangler.  When he again meets Mercer but the attempt to kill him again fails Alex infects protagonist.
Prototype 2 Game

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