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Prototype Game

Review: Prototype PC Video Game Full & Final Setup In A Single Direct Link Works For All Windows Operating Systems (Xp,7/8/8.1/9/10).  PROTOTYPE A computer game sci-fi third-person action developed by Radical Entertainment.  In the US the game was released on June 9 2009 and in Europe on June 12 for the PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 and PC.  In Russia the game in the original English version publishes Soft Club.  In spring 2011 published the PC version of the game with Russian subtitles. On 10 June 2009 PC-version of the game in English Spanish Italian and French is now available for download via Steam.

The plot Prototype Game takes place in New York the infected terrible epidemic that causes people to mutate and evolve.  The protagonist - Alex Mercer - also infected but the virus osobennno he keeps his mind and uses his power as a virus.  Alex can use the appearance memories and skills of people absorbed them as well as to transform parts of his body into a weapon or armor. The Prototype Game tells imtoriya Alexander J. Mercer (voiced by Barry Pepper) who wakes up on the dissecting table in the morgue of the building owned by the corporation GENTEK largest and most influential company engaged in genetic engineering.  Alex manages to escape but he lost his memory so

Now he has to find out exactly what happened to him.  He soon discovers that he is unusual abilities which are as superpowers superhuman speed agility durability possibility to transform your body into a weapon and "absorption" of other people thus getting their memories appearance and skills.  Do not remember anything about his own life Alex begins to hunt down and absorb those involved in this incident.
Prototype Game

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