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Saints Row The Third Game

Review: Saints Row The Third PC Video Game Full & Final Setup In A Single Direct Link Works For All Windows Operating Systems (Xp,7/8/8.1/9/10). Saints Row The Third a computer game, third-person shooter with role-playing game developed by Volition, Inc .. Released - November 15, 2011 in the United States and the European zone. The game is released for the PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Onlive. In the Steam network November 3 there was a free generator of characters, called «Initiation Station», and the network PSN - a Full version of the game allows you to create your alter ego and put on public display the official community or to use it in the game.

Years have passed since then as the Holy 3rd Street took himself Stillwater.  This is not an ordinary street gang a real brand with running shoes energy drinks behalf of himself and the puppets Johnny GETA with bobble head which sells every shop nearby.

The main opponent of the gang with the 3rd Street will be an international criminal organization known as "The Syndicate" which lay paws on the well-known Stillwater.  Saints had no choice but to admit defeat and to stay in the city Stilporta in which criminal "ecosystem" is not yet well developed.  Actually the branches of Syndicate in Stilporta which is what we want to fight for power during the games will be 3 categories the so-called "Decker" under the leadership of crazy kids - cyber-punk Matt Miller "Luchador" which is headed by Killbeyn and grouping  called "Morning Star" is the elite of the Syndicate and led by Philippe Laurent.  The first refuge Saints becomes flat former boyfriend Shaundi.  Pierce discovers that the Syndicate has a posh penthouse in the downtown where are going to hold the reception of guests from all over the world.  Saints beat off the penthouse and it becomes their headquarters.  Next the protagonist of Pierce helps Saints in business development.  Soon they will learn about the gun shop "Gunpowder" which belongs to the Syndicate.  Boss with Shaundi and Pierce are storming it and hack the computer recognize the location of Philippe Laurent - Tower Syndicate.  Saints preparing to storm the skyscraper Lorena.  There they find Oleg Kirillov - a prototype for gromill Syndicate.  They free him and leads them to Ambala to Lorena.  He tries to run on high-speed elevator but the main character catches up with him and eventually Lorena squashed giant ball.  Next player's choice Syndicate tower into the hands of the Saints or be blown up.  The new leader of the Syndicate Eddie becomes "Killbeyn" Pryor - leader Luchadore.  After an unsuccessful attempt on the Saints in their penthouse
Saints Row The Third Game

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