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Alien Isolation Game

Alien Isolation Game

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Review: Alien Isolation is a computer game Survival Horror genre elements of stealth c 2 developed by «Creative Assembly» and published by the company «Sega».  Distributor in Russia was the company "1C-SoftKlab" 3.  The game is held October 7 2014 4.

The game was developed with a great guide to the movie 1979 "Alien" (the game has a lot of merchandise from the film) to the extent that the whole entourage of the future depicted fantastic as it seemed in the 1970s.  The game is a little bit longer runs counter to the "Aliens" focused on the 1986 action film of the year and is the first computer game in the Alien series where the gameplay is built on the survival horror.

On the game became known May 12 2011 after the visit of the British Minister of Culture Ed Weisz the studio Creative Assembly.  In his Twitter account he wrote the following "Lovely visit to the Creative Assembly one of the best development studios for video games in the UK.  Now they are working on a new blockbuster on the universe "Alien" "35.

In October 2013 it was announced that the studio 20th Century Fox has a trademark for Alien Isolation for use in the field of video game development. 36  In December came the first arts and footage from the game.

January 7 2014 came the first trailer for the game. 37  Also shown were the first "developer diaries" and the video showing the gameplay 38 thus officially confirming its existence.  And on January 9 new information has been confirmed the version for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to be provided with support Full HD-resolution 39 40.

In an interview with the developers told us that originally the game was not such a big project.  It was only a technical demo that developers still decided to show the company Sega.  Companies and so interested in the franchise on projects so like the general idea of ​​the project that the game received a "green light" and began full-scale development 41.  One of the writers Dan Abnett made famous for his works on the Warhammer 40000 universe.
Alien Isolation Game

Alien Isolation Game

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