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Bombshell Game

Bombshell Game

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Review: The game is a meaningful unproductive activity where motive lies both in its result, and in the process itself. Also the term "game" is used to denote a set of items or programs intended for such activities.The game is a form of conditional activities in situations aimed at regenerating and assimilation of public experience, fixed in socially embodied the modalities for the implementation of substantive action, in the subjects of science and culture. Establishment of typical for the profession of situations and finding them practical solutions is standard on control theory (role-playing-simulation production situation in order to develop the most effective solutions and skills) and military affairs (war games is the solution of practical tasks on the terrain and topographic maps).

History of games
The first game appeared in animals long before the man. Monkeys use not only the games that are associated with specific rituals, such as mating season, but also similar with similar games people. Humanity plays with prehistoric times - starting with the ritual (e.g. initiation rite [1039]), with the development of civilization games have been made all the harder and become virtually any subject - war, love, fantasy, history. Probably the most developed in this regard MMORPG multiplayer mode like World of Warcraft, to which every minute connected thousands of users worldwide, and in which every second committed millions of different actions. There are games that could lead to the death of a person is a survival game, Airsoft.
Game animals
Playing kittenHigher animals have clearly distinct juvenile period during which exhibit play behavior. Nature games in animals is determined by the species characteristics, and in largely depends on lifestyle, because games are evident (and improved) elements of the behavioral repertoire of adult animals is separate form piŝedobyvatel′nogo, marital, social and gnëzdostroitel′nogo behavior. For example, foxes game includes zataivanie and jumping - these movements are used in hunting small rodents.

Often seen games using items (manipulation of the game). Such games can be observed in many mammals, but particularly developed and complex in monkeys. Games allow monkeys to hone subtle movements of controlled skin sensitivity and vision. Sometimes the monkeys spend a long time in one place by manipulating one subject, and their activity is usually aimed at the destruction of the object.

Joint participation in the game a few specimens prints it to a qualitatively new level. Animal communication during joint games plays an important role in the formation of group behavior. Usually joint games include wrestling and running a race but may include tampering with various objects, including a struggle for any subject. For example, the game bears are in the race, zataivanii, attacking each other from ambush and fight.

Also considered as the cause of play behavior in animals need to be freed from surplus vitality according to Johan Hejzinge in the book Homo ludens
Bombshell Game

Bombshell Game

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