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Caesar IV Game

Caesar IV Game

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Review: Caesar is a strategy video game developed by Impressions Games and published by Sierra Entertainment in 1992 year. Originally, the game was released on the Amiga platform, a year later it was ported to the Atari ST, DOS and Macintosh. The game was good graphics and interface, the player had to solve complex issues of urban planning, such as choosing the right number and location of schools, theaters, libraries, baths, etc.

The game features
A player is being the founder of the Roman city. Atmosphere of ancient Rome, as well as the presence of the military component distinguishes Caesar from another city-building Simulator SimCity.

Rule one. The Roman people is really the people with all needs and abilities. Citizens do not stand in a queue at the home, they simply occupy them as opening vacant apartments. But if all of a sudden to have any obstacles - at home and will stand empty. If living in homes will be happy with, then they themselves will enhance the building and may result in an increase in its initial capacity in 2 times, without taking up extra space. The degree of happiness affects food (quality and quantity), the satisfaction of primary and exotic presence needs work, water (has value and quality), salary, location or other nearby buildings, festivals and other fun. Checking any of these components are threatened with collapse of the economy and destroying your town.

Rule two. There are no reservations with a range of, limitation of working hours, labour unions and slaves. Citizen works where needed, the House doesn't matter. Thanks to a fairly flexible system of settings it will work exactly where you tell it, not where I wanted to get his left heel. Time work? Yes as long as you need. Institute for families is not here, it is believed that the House is usually on the order of 30 people, while we see on the strength of two-three. Means "free" from work and go to the market to meet the needs of those who are working 24 hours a day nonstop. Recognize rather arbitrary, and children that became fashionable in the similar projects here. But freed of thought and resources to other, more interesting and useful things. What's amazing is not here, and of the slaves. Well, okay, it's still a great logic in these comrades in other games I have not seen.
Caesar IV Game

Caesar IV Game

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