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Commandos Strike Force

Review: Commandos Strike Force PC Video Game Full & Final Setup In A Single Direct Link Works For All Windows Operating Systems (Xp,7/8/8.1/9/10). Commandos Strike Force Game is After the movie quietly kill two soldiers ahead of you, just as the game (now and continue to remember to pick up a knife with the body fascist, which you metaete, wherever possible; in advance know that gun sniper during a quiet passage is NOT NEEDED-all default commit murder with a knife). See fire on the opposite bank to the right? There is one fascist to be, having crossed the River, get up on tiptoe and kill with a knife. Go further along the coast, focusing on the arrow compass. When you enter the village, starts a short video on the completion of which you will find yourself behind the boxes next to the desired home. Crouching, go along the wall back from your position, turn the corner, walk to the end of the adjacent walls and left again. When he reached another angle, wait until the nearest German seemed left on your card, not turn their backs to you, come out of hiding and throw a knife into a soldier, standing not far from the first, the tree (it can go right, so don't hesitate). Go to where he stood, then right up to the fence. Turn left and enter the barn, then go right, past the cows and on the street. Go left to bypass the building. When you reach the barbed wire, throw a knife in fascist opposite you, jump over the fence, turn right and throw a knife into a soldier on the stairs. Go to the second floor (but quiet!). Passing through the door, turn right, go to the stairs and, standing at its top rungs, remove bottom seen in German for railings. Go to the captives.

Commandos Strike Force in Now have to fight! As they say, will shoot enemies as they come. Taking out a sniper rifle, shoot the fascists that appear behind the boxes ahead first, then right (these are just completely can quickly kill one of your "clients"), and then already everywhere. Don't forget to hide behind the railing during recharging, and if it is really bad-you have a first aid kit. Well, ended in shooting, ended and mission!
Commandos Strike Force Game

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