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Dead Rising 3 Game

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Review: Dead Rising 3 is video game with an open world in the action genre the third game in the series of the same name.  The development of the game deals with the company Capcom Vancouver publishers - Microsoft Studios 11.  The game was announced June 10 2013 as part of E3 2013. The release took place on November 22 2013 exclusively for the console Xbox One 12.  At E3 2014 it was announced that the game will be released on the PC.  Also on June 19 it became known that the game will be released in conjunction with the launch of Xbox One in Russia ie on 5 September.  

Dead Rising 3 will appear along with the old console Xbox One. The game take place ten years after the events of Dead Rising 2 in the city of Los Perdidos California. 13  The city erupts another outbreak of the zombie virus.

The game begins after 72 hours from the beginning of the epidemic.  The protagonist a mechanic Nick Ramos looking for supplies for his small group which includes the son of an elderly mother Long Dick a woman - a mechanic Ronda and nelegalka Annie (illegal immigrants - people who refused to implant itself chips with medication vs. Zombies - Zombreksom  because through them the government monitors their every move).  During one of the raids going on the plane crash and the main character in a hurry runs the diner.  There Dick accidentally turning on the jukebox it lures crowds of zombies because of which killed a mother and her son and Annie escapes through the crowd.  Characters have to go into the workshop of Ronda where they organize a small base.  There they discover that one of the guards has become a zombie despite the fact that he has lived in by Zombreks chip.

On television the group discovers that after 7 days the government will throw at the city a bomb that will destroy every living thing in it and that the city has an emergency evacuation station.  Arriving at the place they discover that the station has captured a gang of bikers-looters.  Deal with them Nick meets with a group of his old friend Diego.  Diego tells Nick about the plane on which they can fly out of the city showing keys from him but accidentally drops them.  Nick reaches for the keys and at this moment it bites a zombie was hiding under the car.  Now the hero must find Zombreks otherwise it will turn into zombies.  The hero is going to look for it in the crematorium.  There he meets a man named Harry who also need to get to the crematorium to find the body of a girl.  I found the girl turned out to be very similar to Annie.
 Dead Rising 3 Game

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