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FIFA 2009 Game

FIFA 2009 Game

Review: Fifa 2009 Game from the FIFA series of games published by Electronic Arts. Like previous games in the series, was developed and published by EA Canada Electronic Arts under the EA Sports brand. The tagline of the game is the phrase "Let's FIFA09" ("Play FIFA09) used as a logo on the site of the game. Official release October 2, 2008 took place the year in Australia, but at the end of September, some users began receiving their copies of the software made by predzakazam in advance. Demo for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 appeared September 11, 2008 year.

In Fifa 2009 Game one of his interviews, producer David Rutter (Who) notes that Electronic Arts was carefully to the wishes of fans and made suggestions. The result was 250 key changes and improvements that changed the game.

Some of the changes touched the first FIFA series has already been tested in the UEFA Euro 2008 game from Electronic Arts. It was there the first time, developers have added in weather conditions that really affect the game: the ball may suddenly get stuck in a puddle, and player harder to run on namokšemu lawn. FIFA 09 also features dynamic changing time of day: match can begin in the evening, at sunset, and continue at night, under artificial light.

Changes in Fifa 2009 Game the calculation of force players. Every action the player, whether it's a hit or a fight for the ball, his strength is calculated is applied to this step, it will depend not only on his skills, but also on weight and height. When such calculations cannot be sure that a strong advocate wins 100% martial arts, which makes the game more interesting, unpredictable and estimated to reality.

The behavior of the players in the sidebars (cut-scenes) directly depends on how the game is played. For example, who played good player may be dissatisfied with the replacement and go with razdosadovannym fields, or vice versa, by scoring an important goal, the player may leave with a standing ovation from the stands.

A new control mode-keyboard mouse (movement is regulated by a keyboard and hitting shots, feints, etc-mouse)
Fifa 2009 Game

FIFA 2009 Game

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