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FIFA 2010 Game

FIFA 2010 Game

Review: FIFA 2010 Game from the FIFA game series published "Electronic Arts". Like previous games in the series, was developed EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts under the EA Sports brand. Official release October 2, 2009 year. PC demos appeared September 10, 2009 year. For the first time in the FIFA series of games in this game appeared Russian football championship. However, this League does not exist in versions for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Graphic component underwent significant cosmetic improvements, however, the problem of outdated engine, unable to provide inherent in modern games, image quality has remained unsolved. The gameplay was expanded a lot of additional features, such as a fight for the ball in the air, the new system kicks in and outs of the goalkeeper, but it has not changed fundamentally is not enough developed physical component. Players still move in eight directions, and the ball behaves completely predictably. Artificial intelligence began to operate a bit smarter in General, however, retreated from the path of a competent AI - the higher the difficulty level, the higher figures for the opposing team. Still the undisputed advantage series is a great scoring and the musical component, as well as a huge number of licenses - for example, the game features licensed team Holland (in previous versions of the names of the players were fictitious), finally the Russian Premier League. The game also improved the pros-season.

FIFA 10 is present powerful editor create players, where you can specify the basic information of the virtual player, his stature, appearance and characteristics. It is possible to create two clubs.
Fifa 2010 Game

FIFA 2010 Game

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