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FIFA Manager 12 Game

Review: Fifa Manager 12 PC Video Game Full & Final Latest Game Setup In A Single Direct Link 100% Work Supports All Windows OS (Xp,7/8/8.1/9/10). Fifa Manager 12 Game is the nineteenth on account of the football game FIFA game series. FIFA 12 September 27, 2011 came out the year in the United States, September 29, 2011 year in Russia and in September 30, 2011 year in the rest of Europe and Asia. First version of the game for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are built on a unified software kernel with the same set of functions. It was also the first time the game was released for the Mac OS X operating system, though with reduced levels of on-line mode (lacks many features available on other platforms, in particular Ultimate Team and friendlies with friends over the Internet). Fifa Manager 12 Game exceeded the number of sold copies of Pro Evolution Soccer in 2012 20 times.

1. you can "praise" or "discombobulate" opponent using selected comments. The press will be published an article, which could affect the players, although, of course, this effect will not be as clear. The function of communication with the media will be available only before important matches.
2. Increased the variety of injuries:real injury;
You can return your player in the squad, even if he didn't end up damaging injury.
3. Comments will now reflect your season, they will be intertwined with scripts to create a sense of the integrity of what is happening.
4. cost per player is more realistic:

potential now affects the value of the player, some players will cost more because of their potential;
    prices are distributed to reflect the situation on the real market: goalkeepers and defenders will cost less than attacking players, etc.;
    S much more aggressive;
    S will try to win and players who don't put on shuttle service, so you will often reject proposals;
    suggestions that you will receive will be much more exactly match the values of the player;
    proposal S will fluctuate above and below the value of the player;
    more likely S makes repeated suggestion if you rejected the first;
    You can win time to consider the proposal, which will be valid for a few days;
    offer to purchase will not be limited to budget;
    you will be able to redeem the transfer fee at the end of the lease;
    exit in a higher Division will be rewarded by increased transfer budget;
    the last day of the transfer window now put the cassette outside the normal transfer period.
 Fifa Manager 12 Game

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