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Flappy Bird Game

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Review: Flappy Bird - mobile game developed by a developer Vietnamese Dong Nguyen (Eng.) Russian 1 in which the player uses the touch screen has to control the bird flight between rows of green pipes without touching them..  It was implemented on iOS and Android platforms.

The game was released on May 24 2013 and received a sudden rise in popularity in early 2014.  It was criticized for challenging gameplay plagiarism graphics and game mechanics other observers have found that it is addictive.  At the end of January 2014 was the most downloaded free game in the App Store.  During this time the developer was earning $ 50000 per day for advertising within the application 2.

February 10 2014 Flappy Bird has been removed by the developer from the App Store and Google Play 3.  After that there was a tendency to sell smartphones with a pre-installed game often for a large sum 4 5 6.  It also caused the emergence of many clones of the game created by developers hoping to repeat the success of the original.
Flappy Bird Game

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