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FlatOut 2 Game

FlatOut 2 Game

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Review: Flatout 2 Game Pc Video Game Full & Final Setup In A Single Direct Link Works For All Windows Operating Systems (Xp,7/8/8.1/9/10). FlatOut 2 is a computer game in the racing genre developed by Bugbear Entertainment Empire Interactive and published together with Vivendi Universal Games.  This is the second game FlatOut series.

On the territory of the former CIS countries the efforts of the company "Buka" game was released before the release of the world namely 29 June 2006 and then in Europe on 30 June 2006. In the US game was released August 1 2006.

FlatOut 2 shows 5 different game modes "Career" "Check" "Single Race" "Stunts" and "Derby" as well as the game on the global or local network with real people.

Career.  The essence of this mode is the successive passage cups and single races.  Cars in the game are divided into three classes derby racing and street racing.  Cups also divided into three similar groups.  Cup includes from 2 to 6 tracks (their number increases as you progress through).  After completing each of the cups opens a single race (Derby trick or special route).

A single race.  This mode includes the ability to pass all the races of career for all classes of vehicles.  Available in the game together.

Race.  This mode offers you a ride on several elliptical routes mainly comprising 6 laps.  As a rule these tracks are designed for you to meet at full speed with other players at the crossroads where on these routes in abundance.  Available in the game together.

Tricks.  In this mode you will be offered to "play" the driver.  You will need to run it in height length "score" it as a soccer ball in the gate as the ball in bowling and much more.  To accomplish all this you will be given a choice of five engines.  All of them with the jet engines.

Derby.  Here you have to fight with other drivers in the arena.  To do this you can choose any car you open.  Each car has its own band of "health".  It decreases as the collision with other drivers.  When it is reset the car will explode and the driver shouting fly through the windshield.  For collision bonuses which in turn give you a "nitro".

Flatout 2 Game

FlatOut 2 Game

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