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Hitman Sniper Challenge

Hitman Sniper Challenge

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Review: Hitman Sniper Challenge is a mini game in the genre of stealth-action game spin-off Hitman: Absolution, one of the parts of the video game series Hitman. The developer console version video games (Playstation 3 and Xbox 360) Danish company IO Interactive, previously developed the remaining parts of the series on a variety of platforms, including the PC. Developer of PC port of the game is Nixxes, formerly portirovavšaâ Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days for PC. Publisher of videogames - Square Enix.

Events in the game occur shortly before Hitman: Absolution. "Forty-seventh", armed with a sniper rifle, for reserved him fifteen minutes should kill Richard Strong, Jr., who disembarked on a nearby rooftop, and together with him as much as possible.

To the players not to be bored, developers have done special "leaderboard" on which are displayed the achievements of other players. Besides killing the final result is also influenced by the length of the series "hèdšotov" and the successful completion of various side "tests".
In Russia the game could get in two ways: via DVD or via digital delivery. During the pre-order games official representative of "new disc" reported that the Russian language in the PC version of the game purchased through digital delivery will not, however, the game was released on Steam in English.

Version of the game for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 come out without the support of the Russian language, despite the fact that previously reported.

The game came on the shelves right after its release in digital distribution services. However, unlike the spread in "digital distribution services, not necessarily buy Hitman: Absolution: it is possible to buy after the release at a discount, the amount of which was equal to the value of the game.

The game can be downloaded immediately after release. Unlike proliferation through DVD, reservation is Hitman: Absolution was required.
Hitman Sniper Challenge Game

Hitman Sniper Challenge

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