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Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days

Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days

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Review: Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days is a computer action game from third person perspective, developed by IO Interactive and published by Square Enix and Eidos Interactive. The game is the sequel to Kane & Lynch: Dead Men and continues the story of the original. The main characters are villains Kane and Lynch, the game takes place in Shanghai.

Since the first part of several years passed. Lynch moved to China, in Shanghai, settle, lives with a girl named Sue, works part-time at one of the local bandits, and quite happy with life. Kane stayed in the United States, operate mercenaries. But things are unimportant, and daughter Jenny is still mad at his father. Kane dreaming of getting money for a good cause and, finally, to tie with crime. And comes across such a chance is the boss of Lynch, Glaser, looking for people who could turn a deal with movements of arms in Africa. Lynch is associated with Caine and offers volume deal. Kane agrees.

Upon arrival in Shanghai Lynch meets Kane. Together, they come to the familiar Lynch talk. In the end, everything turns into fire and race along the streets of Shanghai. When they finally reach the men, Kane shoots and accidentally kills a girl of this man. The man himself, seeing the death of the girl, grabs a knife and cuts the throat itself. Kane shocked Lynch thinks that Glazer would say about the incident.

Kane and Lynch met with Glazer and sent to the transaction. Cena gangs on site (Bandit, who with head not in order) committed the attack. Kane, Lynch, Glazer and the driver is forced to flee. After escaping Glaser orders heroes figure out for that Suen offended by Glaeser.

The main characters along with people's story sent to sin, to the factory. One of the men, Tommy, dies. When finally they get to cena and start it to examine, discover a very unexpected thing: murdered Caine girl is the daughter of chancy (translated as big boss). Chancy wants revenge. Shortly after the firefight, in which Kane and Lynch are forced to confront those who are five minutes ago had been friends. Then both try to escape from the police. Lynch informs Caine that Shin recently went up, and now works on the Chancy. Well as it turns out that Shanxi is a sales clerk, one of the most dangerous types of China. The heroes decide to temporarily remember me to hype calmed down and they could crank out a deal.

Lynch believes that the him and his favorite time to fell from China, and negotiates with the Xiu on the meeting at the restaurant. It does not come, but are attacked by special forces. Lynch begins to suspect the worst and runs to the apartment of Shu.

When Kane and Lynch reach home, Xiu saw bandits coming to kill her. When they reached the apartment, they see that it is empty. Escaping from commandos they fall into another apartment, with balconies which see Xu. Both are starting to shoot the bandits and the police trying to get to the girl. A bit today on the roofs, Kane and Lynch almost get to Shu. But Shin manages to before. Threatening to kill Xu, he orders the heroes throw weapons. Kane wants to kill Cena, but Lynch, wanting to save Xu, cut down Kane and surrenders. He signs all death sentence.
Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days Game

Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days

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