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League of Legends Game

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Review: League of Legends is a computer game genre MOBA, developed and published by Riot Games for both Windows and Mac OS x. gameplay borrows features fashion DotA to Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. The game runs on Free-to-play model with elements of micropayments.

In League of Legends, the player assumes the role of Summoner (Engl. Summoner), Superintendent (champion. Champion) appearing in team battles at different locations. Every champion has its own features gameplay and a unique set of skills. The aim of the battles, usually, is to destroy the enemy nexus (Engl. Nexus), behind several rows of Defense towers. In each battle the development champion starts from the very beginning, developing, gaining a new level and buy special items.

The game was well received at the time of release and over time became popular. In 2012 year, League of Legends was the best-selling PC game in North America and Europe by the number of hours spent in her players. As of January 2014 year in League of Legends played 67 million unique users per month, 27 million a day and more than 7.5 million people during peak playing hours of the day [2].

League of Legends is widespread establishing discipline. Riot Games annually organize the Championship Series in different game regions: North America, Europe, China, South Korea, Taiwan, South America and South Asia. Participate in the Championships for 10 teams. Winners of regional competitions then serve for the World Championship in the World Championship in 2013 year Grand Prix which amounted to one million dollars, and the games watched 32 million online viewers [3]. Subsequent Championships 2014 and 2015 years have set a record for the size of the main prize, which totaled 2.3 million dollar [4] [5]. In addition to the remuneration team gets trophies, such as "Summoner" Cup made of silver by Thomas Lyte.
League of Legends Game

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