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Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest

Description: ORI and the Blind Forest is a video game in the genre of platformer, designed by Moon Studios and published by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox and Windows platforms. The game is written in the Unity game engine.Issue of games for Windows and Xbox platforms One took place on March 11, 2015 year. The Xbox 360 version is under development.

Gameplay The game is entirely is a 2D platformer. The player controls a character named Ari (a fabulous white creature, something between a Fox, squirrel and wild cat) and defending his spirit named Sein (Engl. Sein) is a clot of energy, which revolves around the Ori. Using Sein attacking enemies, in which he (the left mouse button is pressed, the "X" key on the keyboard or Gamepad buttons) produces charges Spiritual flame. In addition, Sein can do powerful burst of energy (expended), defeating all enemies in the vicinity of the Ori and destroying certain objects. Sam Ori initially can only jump, but during the game he will be able to learn how to climb walls, dive under the water, float in the air, make double-triple jump and use the energy to fire them or repel enemies and objects.

Game map, which represents a different forest sites, downloaded, and the player is free to go where he wants, however, is not opening certain for that section of the forest, the player's ability in any case will not be able to get there.Initially the player is thrown away in the gaming world without any explanation of what to do, and trial and error, you must look for a solution on their own. Once the player finds, it will already be getting tips from him.

Do Ori has a health indicator, and power indicator presented in the form of cells. Ori initially very weak, therefore, has only three health cell and one cell energy. During the investigation of the world the player will find additional cells for these indicators. In addition, killing enemies and finding points of skill, the ability of the Ori can be improved.

The player can be saved at any point in the game, which is also part of the gameplay, because the game control points on the map are arranged very far apart, and after game of death will have to start with the last saved point. To save a game spent energy cell, thus the player early in the game forced to remain selective. Towards the end of the game, when cells normally have more to save a game no longer presents a big problem.

The story tells us about the magical forest, full of mysterious spirits who lives according to its own laws. ORI is a leaf of the tree of life, the forest spirit-protector, which wind storm ripped off from a branch and lost away from home. Falling to Earth, leaf turned into a charming animal, something like a glowing white kitten. In this form it and found Naru-creature, something like a big clumsy bear, which became for Ori stepmother.

But the time has come when darkness enveloped the magic forest. Dark spirit Kuro stole the heart from the tree of life, why Woods began rapidly fading, losing its vitality: polluted water, trees cease to bloom and give fruit and forest covered with dense spines. Naru shortly thereafter dies, and Ori remains completely alone. After wandering left behind the scenes, his life is coming to an end, but the tree spirits with Ori finished way, uses the power of his light, to resurrect it. Moving through the forest, Ori finds forest spirit named Sein, who knows how to fix the situation and heal the forest. However, they perceive the surrounding world Sein, enliven the nubs trees-giants, purify became undrinkable water lakes and rivers, banish darkness away from his home.
Ori and the Blind Forest Game

Ori and the Blind Forest

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