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PayDay 2 Game

PayDay 2 Game

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Review: PAYDAY 2 a game created by Overkill Software and published by 505 Games is an extensive continuation of the first part of the game PAYDAY The Heist. Events taking place two years after the events of PAYDAY The Heist.  The game takes place in Washington.

In PayDay 2 Game Washington became the biggest criminal center.  Opens a criminal organization Crime.Net.  Hoxton takes place the younger brother of Dallas as the first in turn sent to prison.  Against the background of political intrigue Elephant fighting the mafia and Dmitry Vlad drug cartels and Hector Mendoza was about to destroy each other and on the trail of our heroes is getting closer and closer steals the FBI.

The PayDay 2 Game includes more than thirty locations.  All robberies differ in travel time and complexity in Crime.Net system.  pumping system almost completely changed since PAYDAY The Heist because now the game has a separate scale experience filled after each robbery.  With enough experience points the player gets a skill for which he can buy a skill.

Players can use play money stolen in order to improve their skills buy new weapons masks equipment and modifications for the weapons painting and drawing designs for masks.

Similarly the first part the game does not seem constantly the same the enemies each time will appear from different locations tasks can be interchanged robbery may take more time than was calculated as well as a silent passage will play an important role in the passage of missions.
  PayDay 2 Game

PayDay 2 Game

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