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Raven's Cry Game

Raven's Cry Game

Description: Raven's Cry is a computer Action-adventure game genre. Developer-Octane Games, Reality Pump Studios (c 08.2013 [3]), the Publisher is TopWare Interactive. Output is planned for Microsoft Windows, Mac, Xbox 360, Xbox, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and SteamOS. A game about residents and Pirates of the Caribbean Islands, in the Entourage of the second half of the 17th century. The main idea of the game is to show the pirates closer to historical truth, than the popular image in popular culture is a bleak and violent scoundrels. The same will be and the protagonist

Christopher Raven, Scottish boy, goes with his parents on a ship to settle on one of the Caribbean Islands. Near Jamaica, the ship is attacked by pirates, and Christopher remains the only surviving, losing his left hand brush. He swears to avenge leader attacked and this eventually itself enters into the ranks of the pirates. As the game progresses the hero already experienced Corsair pirate dogs, known as Neville Skrèntoni, nicknamed "the devil".

Gameplay goes 3D third-person zaskriptovannymi inserts [7]. Christopher armed hook, replaced the lost hand (there are several "hooks" to choose from with different features [8]), the sword and pistols, are also reported to the special skills and magic Voodoo-style [5]. Career story is a classic of the genre you are moving on the cards-levels and performing tasks in conjunction with story fehtoval′nymi skirmishes, as well as travels on the ship with cannon fire and abordažnymi contractions. [9] in zaskriptovannyh the scenes at certain stages, you are prompted to select one of the possible actions. [10]

It is reported that some non-linearity of the story - how to accomplish quests will affect subsequent events [11], as well as on "posters on remuneration for the capture of" bad reputation ", as in Assassin's Creed 2. [12]
Released materials and preliminary reviewsJune 17, 2011-the first press release about the game, opened the official site of the game [13]. On the same day, a similar news appeared on IGN [9]. 20-th number got news for "Gamer info» [14] containing short clip using concept art [15]; According to her, at that time was planned only on PC.
    20-th number August 2011 - on a number of resources appeared promo video [16] containing, apparently part of the introductory movie.
    April 30, 2012-released video showing gameplay on land. [17] [7] the preliminary review on it on IGN [18] it was reported that the game is still in the early stages of development, but it is expected before the end of the year 2012, while the output may well be postponed until 2013. Video posted on several websites online [7] [19] and paper [20] [21] publications.
    5-7 June 2012, the game is presented on the stand of Topware at E3-2012 in Los Angeles. [22] Shown is described in the preview Console.AT [8], [23] GameInformer EGMNow [24]. Spieletipps released shortly before previews after a visit to the German headquarters of Topware, where he showed an early alpha version of [10].
    14-17 August 2012 is represented by Topware 2012 at gamescom in Cologne. Based on the results of the reviews are written in several German publications: Universe Gaming [25], [26] Gameswelt Onlinewelten [27], as well as BestGamer. Ru [11], Absolute Games [12], [28]. The latter contains screenshots of the interface, including voyage on the ship.
Raven's Cry Game

Raven's Cry Game

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