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Red Alert 2 Game

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Review: Red Alert 2 is a computer game, the sequel to the real time strategy & Command Conquer: Red Alert, released in the year 2000 the company Westwood Studios. The game takes place in the Albert Einstein created a parallel world in 1970 or 1980-IES, continuing the storyline of allies from the original Red Alert. As with its predecessor, the opposing sides in the game are Soviet Union and allies, in addition to some units and buildings are identical to the original from the first Red Alert, and some have changed somewhat (so mammoth tank was converted into a tank of "Apocalypse").

Compared to the previous series, the game improved graphics and multiplayer. Has undergone changes and interface: the buildings were divided into industrial-scientific and defensive, and units - the infantry and armour. The game introduced the ability to conduct urban fights: now linear infantry can be placed in buildings and carry out them. While the first game in the Red Alert series is logically connected with the history of the tiberievoj of the universe (for example, the head of the brotherhood of NOD, Kane in her favored Adviser and "grey Cardinal" of Stalin), Red Alert 2 contains no references to tiberievyj Canon and more like "cold war between East and West military-political blocs, overgrown in the third world. For this reason, Red Alert 2 more satire plays an important role on the stereotypes of the cold war.

Alexander Romanov (played by Nicholas Worth)-President of the Council of Ministers (in the original "Premier") of the Soviet Union. A distant relative of the last Russian Tsar, which has supported the Bolsheviks and the October revolution, Romanov headed the Communist Party of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic during the events of the first Red Alert. After the defeat of the Soviet invasion of Europe victorious Western allies was appointed Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR Romanova, but under the influence of his advisor Yuri he forms the World Socialist Alliance. After that, the SOVIET UNION declares war on the United States.
Yuri (Udo Kier) is the main villain in the game, with the ability of mental control and hypnosis. Using the PSI-Corps provided the invasion of Soviet troops in the United States, neutralizing the American defence system and averting the launch of nuclear missiles. Later it is revealed that he was playing a double game. Yuri reappeared in Add-on Onex Command Conquer: Yuri's Revenge &. General Vladimir (Adam Greggor) - senior talented Soviet military commander. Lieutenant Sofia (Alexandra Kaniak) was Adjutant in the Soviet missions. Colonel Eršenko (Oleg Stefan) was a Soviet military officer, a representative of Premier Romanov.
Red Alert 2 Game

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