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Review: SOMA Game is the computer game in the genre of survival horror, designed by Frictional Games, known for its gaming series Penumbra and Amnesia. The game is set in the underwater remote research facility PATHOS-2, where the machines begin to acquire human characteristics. The announcement of the game was released September 11, 2013 year. September 22, 2015 year game was released.

The gameplay is similar to games series Penumbra and Amnesia, but the emphasis is on story as in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. The protagonist is forced to survive by hiding from the monsters and overcoming your fear, but not less important part of gameplay, according to the developers, is the plot of.

In 2015 year Simon Jarrett from Toronto gets into a car accident, which killed his girlfriend Ashley, but Sam Simon, with severe brain damage and intracranial hemorrhage, remains alive. Due to persistent side effects Simon agrees on experimental brain scans in the medical lab, during which loses consciousness and finds himself after 100 years in the year 2104 a submarine station, once the launch of satellites, and now is the salvation of mankind.
During this time, fell to the ground the huge Comet and destroyed everything living. And those who remained in the underwater complexes at great depths, as it turned out, no. Consciousness, then copied in Toronto, loaded into a special chip and insert into someone else's body on one of the stations. He still does not know what is in someone else's body, in fact, not human and mechanical, charged some gel developed by scientists for technical purposes. The gel can link electronics with biological tissues. With Simon comes into contact Katherine, another scientist, who, in fact, also a copy of a real person. Her consciousness downloaded into the access device. She asked for help to save the Ark is a small device which stores the identity of all copied. Inside the "Ark" creates a virtual reality where the copied personality people may continue to exist. So the scientists wanted to save humanity, or rather what is left of it - the minds and thoughts. But to send, you will need to walk to the station in the abyss, as well as pass a distraught S (called "NRI"), created to protect humanity, in combination with gel, which he zarastil the entire ocean became a nightmare, poglotivšim almost all people and organisms on the seabed, thereby simulating life processes in living organisms.

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