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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Game

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Review: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Eighth game of the series Tekken Fighting Games.  The second part of "the tournament" not zatragivaûŝij main production sûžetnuû Linie.  Was released in Japan on the Arcade vending machines in 2011. In the next year Vyšlo updated games under the name Unlimited kotoroe developers later portirovali the console PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 and Wii U.

How and in its first part Tekken Tag Tournament are back in the game all the characters poâvivšiesâ in the games in the series of previous fame (Except I King Armor King I I Kuma Gon Azazel NANCY-MI847J and others).  Players can choose from either the command or play two characters in Singles and also play the two in single command such face Tekken Tag Tournament 2 supports multiplayer mode.  After year project was positive Reviews received criticism and râd premiums and prizes are parties to game sites and magazines.

According to the story of the game Heihachi Mishima has long dreamed of rejuvenation and long sought source.  And now his researchers have completed the creation of the miracle serum.  When Heyhati drank the serum he immediately felt a surge of strength and youth thinking that no one will stop.  next "Iron Fist" tournament begins at this time.

Like in Tekken Tag Tournament each player must choose two characters at once. Optionally you can compete alone without a partner.  The player can change their fighters at any time allowing you to gradually recover inactive character or possibly may go to battle on with a slight increase in power.  The winner is the team round which left more than strips with life.  The game appeared long combos and combinations of movements.  New methods include a combination of various shots that can be avoided. 11  Combo can now make both characters at the same time.  From Tekken 6 is borrowed from the possibility to make several attacks in the air to knock down the opponent to the ground and push into the wall.
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Game

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