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Test Drive Unlimited

Test Drive Unlimited

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Review: Test Drive Unlimited is a racing game that allows you to ride more than 125 licensed sports cars and motorcycles on simulated roads and highways of the Hawaiian island of Oahu with a total length of about 1000 miles.
In Test Drive Unlimited player has the opportunity to ride both on-road and off-road racing, competing with any of oncoming riders. Gaming island with an accuracy of meter repeats its real prototype, as developers have used satellite images to simulate. the island's Landscape includes tropical forest, mountains, sandy beaches and the capital of Hawaii is Honolulu.

Despite the fact that the promotional material for this game, declare the exact rendering of the Hawaiian Islands, some Government (such as located in Pearl Harbor, Camp h. m. Smith and Hickam Air Force Base), commercial buildings (Ala Moana Center, the Palace of congresses, the whole business street in Pearl City and the Pearlridge Center), and notable landmarks (statue of among others King Kamehameha I) were not provided. This may be due to certain legal relations or limitations of the game engine.

The game begins with the purchase of a House and a car. As the player explores the island freely on the map appear key locations, which include:
Car and motorcycle dealers
    Car rental agency
    Car tuning shops
    Real estate agency
    Clothing stores
    Painting workshops

You can also take part in various competitions:Race against computer-controlled machines
    Competition time
    Competition on speed
    Performing courier jobs (carriage of cargoes)
    Car ferry

For a good part in competitions, the player is awarded money, and in-game friends for Hitchhiking - with special icons. Using these icons, the player can buy clothes for your character in numerous shops of famous brands. Earned money can be spent to purchase or lease new or upgrading existing cars, and buying houses. A player can win a total of 90 sports cars from various manufacturers, including Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Audi, Dodge, Chevrolet, Saturn, Ford, Pagani, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz, Lotus, TVR, Jaguar, McLaren and Saleen, as well as a few motorcycle brands.
Test Drive Unlimited Game 

Test Drive Unlimited

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