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The Forest Game

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Review: The Forest is a computer game, which is in development, in the genre of survival horror with open-world first person view, developed by Endnight Games on the Unity engine 5. An early alpha version of the game was released on Steam May 30, 2014.

The game is dedicated to the survival of the inhabited island: playable character on the island as a result of the crash, should find their own food and shelter, as well as defend against frightening the natives-cannibals. The developers to make the unusual game is not similar to other games in the genre of survival horror, such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill, and instead were inspired by films such as "Hell of cannibals" and "descent", as well as the computer game Minecraft. Cannibals, opponents of the game character, are not bezdumnymi "zombie" is a tribe engaged in its own survival and claiming the same resources as the player. The day a player can make their way to the caves, where inhabit these nocturnal creatures, and kill them in their sleep, until the complete destruction of the tribe - the idea was borrowed by the developers of Richard Matheson's classic book "I am Legend". The deeper the player descends into the cave, all the more terrible and dangerous enemies opposed him.

Plane wreck is going to happen in a random location on the island, after which the player is invited to explore the island in search of his son, stolen by local aborigines. The player will have to resist the natural factors, look for resources for survival, as well as confront the natives inhabiting the island.

The player is given the opportunity to explore the vast world with lots of possibilities. In each update developers add new things, as well as new features of gameplay. The game presents an interesting system of construction and manufacturing things. Developers have also system climbing, diving, sailing.
The Forest Game

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