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The Sims 3 Generation Game

Review: The Sims 3 Generation PC Video Game Full & Final Latest Game Setup In A Single Direct Link 100% Work Supports All Windows OS (Xp,7/8/8.1/9/10). The Sims 3 Generation Game single-player video game in the genre of life simulation game developed by Maxis Studio under the leadership of gejmdizajnera Kind Hambla and published by Electronic Arts. In the United States it was released June 2, 2009 the year for operating systems for personal computers, Windows and Mac OS X. In Russia The Sims 3 was released June 5, 2009 year, its Russian localization company engaged in In addition in year 2010 Simulator released for game consoles PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii. When developing the console version was used the same game engine as the The Sims 3 for PC. However, the version of the Simulator for the Nintendo 3DS, released March 25, 2011 has an easier schedule.

In The Sims 3 Generation Game The player controls one or several characters - toy than, cares about their welfare, develop their skills, strengthen relationships with other characters, promotes career and furnishes their apartment house. In the game there is no storyline, and theoretically in The Sims 3 you can play "forever".

The development of a third Simulator fully started in 2006 year, under the guidance of the Kind Hambla. It is also the first game of the series The Sims, which did not participate will Wright, founder of The Sims and The Sims 2. The main task of the developers was to create an open game world, which was deprived of The Sims 2, which in turn was its most serious shortcoming. The Simulator was mostly positively evaluated by critics. They recognized the advantage of playing before the second part and mainly complimented her for the open game world, enhanced visual effects and improved the behavior of the characters. Among the main weaknesses were noted the presence of many so-called "buildings-bars", in which it is impossible to observe the actions of the characters, if they will be included in the building, as well as the quality of the graphics, do not ulučšavšeesâ in comparison with the second part.

After his release, The Sims 3 was the best-selling title in the history of computer games, breaking the record of its predecessor, The Sims 2. So, for the first week after the release of a third Simulator, has sold 1.4 million copies. At the same time The Sims 3 broke the record for the number of downloads of pirated copies in the Internet two weeks before the official release of the game. The Sims 3 remains the largest part of The Sims franchise with 11 completions and 9 directories. Continuation of the line - The Sims was released 4 September 2, 2014 years.
The Sims 3 Generation Game

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