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The Sims 3 University Life

The Sims 3 University Life

Review: The Sims 3 University Life PC Video Game Full & Final Latest Game Setup In A Single Direct Link 100% Work Supports All Windows OS (Xp,7/8/8.1/9/10). The Sims 3 University Life Game is the ninth addition to The Sims 3, announced January 8, 2013 years on The Sims 3 Live Broadcast released in Russia - March 7, 2013 year.

Supplement devoted to studying and pastime in the University. The main feature is to get characters of higher education, which gives further advantages: for example, wage growth, higher career start, new features in the work of the etc on the playing characteristics of supplement similar to The Sims 2: University "for the game The Sims 2.

Are your characters come across the best time in your life? University entrance opens up new possibilities, from social networking to career growth. From classroom activities to items related to the main specialty, your character will find new ways of learning! In addition, the University is not only a study of folios. The protest, flirting at a party at the fire - a lot of what can be learned and outside lectures at the Student Union. New places to explore, such as bowling and burgernaĆ¢, and new fun activities, such as juice Pong and wall painting is, undoubtedly, the best time in the lives of your characters!

Deliver excellent performance. With a new special items for all faculties of study will be more fun than ever, from broadcast their own radio show by students of communication to collect your own skeleton science students. Your characters can also learn outside the classroom through classroom activities, lectures at the Student Union and taking part in social activities.
Get ready to have some fun! Tutorials and study groups make up a large part of University life, but sometimes the characters you want to have a party! From fires on the shore of the Lake to the racks above the barrel with the juice at the party in the dorm - there are plenty of ways to have a great time at the University.
Establish relationships and linkages. On campus there are three social groups - Botany, lowriders and athletes. Communication with the members of each of these groups gives its unique advantages, from special items up to the job of your dreams.
Open your nepokornuĆ» side! Characters can express themselves by organizing a protest or participating in it, leaving the mural and graffiti on the walls, and even tricked into surrendering.
The Sims 3 University Life Game

The Sims 3 University Life

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