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The Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles

The Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles

Review: Download The Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles PC Video Game Free Download Full & Final Latest Game Setup In A Single Direct Link 100% Work Supports All Windows OS (Xp,7/8/8.1/9/10). In Kingdom come unscrupulous pirates Take and arrogant nobleman Aarbyville, which means about calm and unhurried pace of life there is nothing to think about. Quarrels and duels, romantic meetings and devious conspiracies your heroes to be done extremely exciting adventures.Personality, prone to danger, can go on treasure hunts, and hungry for fame and exploits - manifest themselves in a confrontation with a powerful evil sorcerer, tretiruûŝim the entire Kingdom. The most important and difficult task - to allow longtime conflict between Tredony and Aarbyville is, of course, at a fraction of the rulers.
The main objective is to put an end to the war between Tredony and Aarbyville.
A variety of new jobs: all of them will result in an entertaining story. Wonderful game objects, which in the middle ages cannot do, including Chair for interrogation and birds-talismans. More than 140 new objects in the style of pirates and aristocrats, which undoubtedly will make the city more beautiful and luxurious. Exquisite dresses and hats for noblemen, extravagant - for the fearless pirates. Attraction for the most desperate adventurers - treasure hunt! Cards, Spades, treasures, pleasant surprises and nasty surprises are attached.

New The Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles game lets you perform feats in the middle ages. For the first time, you can build the Kingdom, controlling 10 characters of different professions, from King to Bard. Players can create a chronicle of his State, using a system of missions - forge a legendary sword, or arrange a royal wedding, to protect the country from the evil magicians or search for the fountain of youth. Interface design, music and game settings are made in the medieval style.

The main task of the player at the beginning of the game-build the Kingdom at the expense of tasks that bring points to raise the level of the monarch. The game differs from other games of a ruler of The Sims that you can win, reaching the top of the Kingdom's development. Unlike other Sims games, character creation, modeling and architectural aspects are significantly reduced in order to focus on RPG-style gameplay. For example, players will be able to change the design and layout of the interiors of the buildings, but they will not be able to change the basic structure and shape of the building. Instead, the game included modernization of the Kingdom, when choosing the ultimate goal or "Ambition for the Kingdom (such as wealth or popularity), and then executing jobs that contribute to this goal.

In The Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles Game Only two characters have needs in The Sims medieval food and vivacity. As in The Sims 3, The Sims Medieval characters have a mood that can help expedite completing quests or vice versa, slow it down. Each character in the game has its own responsibilities. They consist of tasks associated with the profession of the character, which should be completed in a certain time. If they don't perform, then the character will be a bad mood that would adversely affect the implementation of the basic tasks. Tasks can be completed using the characters. For example, a player can perform tasks at once two characters: merchant and sorcerer, collaborating on one adventure or Knight and monarch in another. Experience and character traits affect their success, and the player can choose which team will participate in the adventure. The player also selects which character will lead a team. The time allotted for the adventure limited.
The Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles Game

The Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles

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