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Tom Clancyn Endwar Game

Tom Clancyn Endwar Game

Review: Tom Clancyn Endwar PC Video Game Full & Final Latest Game Setup In A Single Direct Link 100% Work Supports All Windows OS (Xp,7/8/8.1/9/10). Tom Clancyn Endwar Game is the computer game in the genre of apocalyptic real-time strategy video game developed by Ubisoft Shanghai and published by Ubisoft Entertainment in early November 2008 the year for major seventh generation video game consoles and personal computers in the year to February 24, 2009.

The unthinkable event occurred in the year 2015. As a result of a nuclear exchange in the Middle East have killed 20 million people and violated the world's oil supplies. The price of crude oil jumped to 800 dollars per barrel. A year later, was eliminated the possibility of a global nuclear conflict when the United States and Europe have launched a comprehensive space missile shield. Followed by the Russian Federation for its advanced system PRO. Intercontinental ballistic missiles is completely obsolete. Russia becomes the main supplier of energy and is experiencing an incredible economic boom. Against the background of the economic successes of the Russian Federation quickly returns the status of the main superpower and restore its military strength. While all continental Europe teaming up to create a European Federation. This new nation is destined to become a formidable superpower 21 century. In the year 2020 United States complete construction of the Star of freedom (Engl. Freedom Star), orbital military platform, calling numerous disputes and in violation of the global balance of power. European Federation of protest coming out of NATO. Relations between Europe, the United States and Russia are becoming more strained and soon reached a critical point. The world froze in anticipation of the last war. There are 9 training story missions, 2 of them depend on the choice of faction (after 7-th mission).

In 1-th mission, Colonel È.F.E.K. (Elite Federal European Corps) Antonio Maldini is given the task to destroy attacking tanks terrorists in Croatia.

In 2-nd mission we in the role of Colonel S.B.R. U.s.a. (rapid reaction forces of the United States of America), Jordana Taylor repelling an attack on a ZC it. Kennedy in Florida. This is the first of the so-called "attacks" on April 4.In 3 hotels reflect the attack of terrorists on oil plant in Rozenburge (Holland, European Federation).

In Tom Clancyn Endwar Game the 4-th mission take the role of Colonel R.f. Spetsnaz (special forces of the Russian Federation) Fedor Savilova attack on thermonuclear reactor in Russia. Moreover, the Special Forces Colonel General Sergei Izotov clearly makes clear that it is perfectly aware of the attack before it began: "here they come, begin to attack, which was in the news was announced 20 minutes ago.In the 5-th mission the Americans capture Defense Minister Francois E.f. Pullena. Foothold in the port of Copenhagen, impede the onslaught of Europeans.In the 6-th mission take command of troops and repelling E.f. port of Copenhagen. After the end of the reported conflict in Denmark not escalated into war.

In Tom Clancyn Endwar Game the 7-th mission, we learn that it is organized 4 attack Izotov April fearing the powerful Union of Europe and America against Russia. Under the guise of terrorists, Russian spetsnaz Colonel Savilova introduced into European P.R.O. computer virus "Stiletto". After seeing a movie that an anti-missile satellite E.f. due to introducing a virus destroyed the ship, flying to a military space station.U.s.a. and R.f. declares war on Europe. But after Russia attacks Poland, U.s.a. declares war and R.f.. You can choose to destroy a reserve ship Americans or other two attacks četvërogo April. After that operation to protect the capital selected state. The third world war started.
Tom Clancyn Endwar Game

Tom Clancyn Endwar Game

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