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Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Conviction

Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Conviction

Review: Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Conviction PC Video Game Full & Final Setup In A Single Direct Link Works For All Windows Operating Systems (Xp,7/8/8.1/9/10). Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Conviction Game is a computer game in the genre of stealth-action, the fifth part of the series "Splinter Cell". "Splinter Cell: Conviction" was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft in the United States and Europe in April 2010 year. The protagonist, Sam Fisher is voiced by actor Michael Ironside. On the territory of Russian Federation and CIS countries issued company russobit-m jointly with GFI.

In Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Conviction Game Ten days before the start of the main campaign, the third-tier agent Daniel Robert Sloane Suarez with pseudonym "Archer" ("Archer") and Russian special forces operative "Raven" Mihail Andreevich Loskov, as "Falcon" ("Kestrel") were sent to St. Petersburg, Nevsky prospect, to stop the illegal sale of modern warheads corrupt military. Informant, Andriy Kobin, reported that a broker in this sale provides authoritative drug dealer Valentin Lesovskij. Archer and the Falcon get contact list Lesovskogo, previously Lesovskogo himself and destroying his associate Boris Sychou.

Next, agents are sent to the Russian Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan. There they witness the sale of warheads between Leonid Bykov, a former Colonel in the Gru, and Tagizadom, a member of the Government of Azerbaijan. The bulls make their partner, giving his men the order to kill him. Archer and Falcon questioned bykau and learn that he worked together with major-general Kerzakovym, which is located in the complex of the Hawk, in Moscow, under the red square.

Archer and Falcon penetrate the complex and learn about the whereabouts of the EMP warheads. They are sent to Mozdok, where capture aircraft with missiles on board. In the airplane That Reed communicates with Archer and gives the order to eliminate the Falcon. Falcon also became aware of this message, because it is displayed on the OPSAT Archer, who was left in a bag near to the Falcon. Between them occurs after scramble which self-defence Falcon shoots ArĨeru in the chest, then kneels over the body of their partner, they exchanged last words and Archer dies. Kobin who came out from behind the Falcon shoots him in the head, thus injuring him and plunging into a coma. Recent actions are supported by the following game in the series, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist, where Sam with his new team-mate Briggs in the final joint regime find being in a coma for the Falcon in one of the laboratories of the Raven and pull it on plane Paladin is the headquarters of the Fourth tier.
Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Conviction Game

Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Conviction

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