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Transistor Game

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Review: Transistor A computer game in the genre of Action / RPG developed and published by Studio Supergiant Games.  The release of the game took place on May 20 2014. The game is available on Microsoft Windows platforms PlayStation 4 OS X Linux SteamOS as well as IOS.

Transistor action takes place in the fictional town of Klaudbank.  The player is given control of the singer by the name of Ed who seeks revenge against the organization made an attempt on her life shortly before the events of the game.  In so doing it helps the speaker two-handed sword transistor in which was placed the consciousness of the unknown which saved the life of Ed.

The game is mostly received good ratings from critics.  The strengths of marked visual style games music and storytelling.  Doubt also called repetitive battles and short duration of the game.

Transistor is a computer game in the genre of Action / RPG with a third person.  The player is given control over the girl called Red which is armed with two-handed sword transistors.  The sword has a large number of hits the player receives as the game progresses.  The combat system has two modes real-time and planning.  In the second mode the player can choose the sequence of movement and action which will be performed automatically after the character from the planning mode.  It requires filling the special panel to re-use the ability that takes some time and does not give to be in this mode indefinitely.  In real-time mode the player can move and use the unlimited ability
Transistor Game

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