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Jagged Alliance Back In Action Game

Jagged Alliance Back In Action Game

Review: Jagged Alliance: Back in Action-game of a series of tactical strategies to Jagged Alliance. Originally was known as Jagged Alliance 3. Released February 9, 2012 year.

History of creation
In March 2010, all rights (except social network rights) were sold to the rightholder of the Strategy First German company bitComposer Games. The development of the game from F3 Games and their liking before considered by the contractor for the development and exclusive publisher of the Russian version of Jagged Alliance 3, stopped. According to official website, signed with their liking bitComposer Games on the territory of Russia Jagged Alliance: Back in Action.

The game is a remake of "Jagged Alliance 2". The player will go to the Latin American country of Arulco, to return power to the legitimate President Enrico Čivaldori, who was overthrown by his wife, Dejdranoj, to establish a totalitarian regime in the country. The main force of the player will be a variety of mercenaries, submitted by the Bureau of A.I.M. (Association of international mercenaries). Also, his squad may recruit some inhabitants of Arulco. The game involves virtually all mercenaries, from the original game, including such well-known characters of the series, as the former Soviet Army major Ivan Dolvič, Medic-nudist Cynthia Guzman "Fox, Ranger sniper shadow and others.

Unlike the original, the remake is available only to "realistic" scenario. Sci-Fi mode with "reptionami" is missing.

Gameplay Characters
The set of characters is done via laptop player. Unlike previous games in the series, a contract with mercenaries is the whole game. The characters are different a different set of skills, experience and price, respectively. Among them are veterans and add grated green newcomers, only yesterday has taken up arms. A number of mercenaries can be hired only if certain conditions related to their personal preferences, or the success of the player. For example, the mercenaries of Polish descent never conclude a contract if a player on the team are Russians, and Veterans like Ivan Dolviča will not work with unfamiliar Commander who has not distinguished himself in the case.

Each of the mercenaries is a set of five characteristics (strength, agility, stamina, intelligence and perception) and five skills (medicine, explosives, repair, marksmanship and masking). Each of them has a value ranging from 0 to 100. Destroying enemies, successfully performing the job, mercenary gets experience. After receiving a certain amount of experience, mercenary increases your level and gets 6 points, which they can spend on improving their characteristics or skills. Some equipment requires a minimum level of mercenary skill for dealing with it. Also each of mercenaries has 2 to 3 perks reflecting features of his personality. Some perks improve circulation or other weapons, others - affect behavior in a given situation.
Jagged Alliance Back In Action Game

Jagged Alliance Back In Action Game

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