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Painkiller Hell & Damnation

Painkiller Hell & Damnation

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Review: Painkiller: Hell & Damnation is a video game in the genre of first-person shooter, HD-remake\/sequel of the original Painkiller in 2004 year. The game was developed by Polish company The Farm 51 and published Nordic Games October 31, 2012 year on PC and Xbox 360 August 31, 2013, and PlayStation 3.

Event Hell & Damnation unfold after addon Painkiller: Overdose, thereby ignoring the events of Resurrection, Redemption and Recurring Evil. Daniel Garner, has passed through a meat grinder in the battle against Lucifer's army, proved to be deceived by the forces of heaven and hell and remained in limbo, without any opportunity to get out and finally losing hope again see his wife Katherine. Once, when Daniel sits at the cemetery, it suddenly is the Reaper and offers him a deal: if Daniel gather for him 7 thousands of souls, the Reaper will allow him to go to heaven, to his wife. Daniel questioned the deal, but agrees when Reaper tells him that he is too dangerous to Purgatory. Reaper leaves him a special weapon is "netris" and disappears.

Suddenly, Daniel meets his old familiar - Eve, which declares him that Reaper is cheating on him, but after her own betrayal that occurred in the final Battle Out of Hell, Daniel treats her with distrust and ignores her words. Throughout the game, Eve tries to convince Garner all the time that everything is not what it seems, and the only reason Daniel so successfully destroys the demons and is not subject to their authority, is that he actually died.

Finally, after the murder of menacing Nekrogiganta, Swamp Critters and Precocious, Daniel meets the Reaper and gives him "netris", but he said that only 6999 collected souls, and to complete the deal lacks only one directly alluding to the hero on Eve. Daniel refuses to kill the serpent, although agrees to death. Then the Reaper himself kills the girl. Using the "shower" Catcher, Daniel starts to battle with him and, at great cost, the Reaper WINS. In place of the slain Portal appears, where Daniel will be sent immediately. "Netris" remains in limbo.

Then the hero wakes up and discovers with astonishment that he is alive and is in the hospital, partially paralyzed. It turns out that all this time he was in a coma and had to fight with an army of demons in limbo due to the fault of the Reaper. At this time before Eva appears. The girl said that the Reaper is not dead, and once again went to hell. Plus, using the existing 7000 shower him, death could awaken their brothers, the terrible horsemen of the Apocalypse: Plague, famine and War, and together with them begins the Apocalypse on Earth. Eva asks the hero to confront them, but Daniel doubts that once again is able to fight with evil without those forces that were with him in purgatory. Then Eva reassures him and says that the task of Daniel will only help in the struggle and to be an ally of some of the Warrior. At this moment the door to the House open and amid the bright light appears demonic silhouette of Belial, protagonist Painkiller: Overdose.
Painkiller Hell & Damnation Game

Painkiller Hell & Damnation

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