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Pirates Of Black Cove

Pirates Of Black Cove

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Review: Pirates of Black Cove "-computer strategy game with elements of Arcade, designed by Nitro Games and published by Paradox Interactive" "for personal computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems" and "Mac OSX". Official release in North America, Europe, and Russia was held on September 11, 2011 year. "Pirates of Black Cove" takes as a basis the maligned topic of maritime piracy and encourages players to plunge into the fascinating world of Roma, one-eyed (or odnonogih) of men and, of course, sea battles.

General information: A game about Pirates-thing quite specific. They have a very narrow niche. Pirates rarely seen on the covers of magazines or expensive atop the world rankings. But among the games, so to speak, of the second Echelon (mediums) they emerge regularly. This time his hand at imitating the classic old man Sid Mayer (author of the cult "Sid Meier's Pirates!) try a young Finnish Studio "Nitro Games. History of "Pirates of the Black Cove" tells you on behalf of one of the three main characters, which you can select at the very beginning of the story, one the captain prefers a firearm and as a result is excellent with it managed another prefer classic rapiers, while a third (which, surprisingly, girl) is not alien to neither one nor the other. However, the essence of the game is not much changed from this: the player has navigated the seas and oceans by ship under the black flag, occasionally checking the pošarpannoj card zašibaet piastres, destroying encountered on the path of trading ships, and performs various tasks, improving its reputation among three of the clans-Corsairs, pirates and Buccaneers. The lion's share of games, but we will have to spend on land-the protagonist regularly landed on the Islands and in the company of the faithful filed by "strategničaet" among the villages, castles and isolated forests. Construction, per se, is not here, but visually this part of the game is distinctly reminiscent of "Warcraft 3". In particular, its mul′tâšnost′û, primitive models of units and frequent meetings with hostile peasants.

Character slowly grows in level increases specifications and all kinds of useful skills gained. Every four levels has a choice from an extensive set of improvements. While on board the ship are stored all kinds of artifacts, many of which also benefit in battle-and some merely by their presence. The plot of "the Pirates of Black Cove, not surprisingly, revolves around ships, three perpetually warring clans among themselves, the damned treasure (which is already in a pirate story without them), destroy the undead armies, Governors, wooden leg and, of course, mythical monsters. The protagonist, zapolučivšij ship during a successful rebellion, initially did not have the pirate world, absolute no weight. But as a boy to run errands at the pirate clan soon attracts the attention of two other clans-the Corsairs and Buccaneers. And when opened and their jobs, the player access to more powerful ships, improvements thereto and to new kinds of mercenaries (initially we can hire only feeble sailors benefit from which practically no)-including exotic, like the same raketometčikov (despite the high cost and some are quite absurd weight during battles with so-called bosses). Our main goal is to put an end to the hostility of the three clans, so those could withstand more dangerous enemy-the East India Company and, of course, look for the biggest treasure of the seven seas. And life flows Captain pirate ship is measured and calm, from mission to mission. Along the way we buy new ships, fill up squads of mercenaries, choose tasks and collect Sea Duck grass from which local brewers make beautiful healing broth.
Pirates Of Black Cove Game

Pirates Of Black Cove

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