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The Bureau XCOM Game

The Bureau XCOM Game

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Review: The Bureau Declassified XCOM is a third person shooter, which refers to the X-COM series of games and developed by 2 k Marin. This game is the second game in the series in the third-person shooter genre, and according to the developers, it is a new look at the events taking place in the fictional world of the game.

Plot Action in the game is set in the 60 's in the United States. The protagonist of the game is CIA agent William Carter (Engl. William Carter), which, being transferred to the service of XCOM, investigates signs of alien invasion on Earth. Èlerium (Engl. Elerium) - fuel for alien ships and weapons. Searching, exploring the starry-Galactic technologies and collection of èleriuma will be needed to confront the aliens.

In the prologue, Agent William Carter lucky Groom Range base case with mysterious contents. Myron based Folk (Director) tries to convince the high command of the United States troops in the reality of threats from the so-called Outsider. The generals believe that all evidence of the existence of aliens was a Soviet disinformation. To Carter in the room comes an officer and required to show the contents of a case. Carter refuses to Recalling the order to deliver the case personally Folk. Officer suddenly shoots in Carter, lazutčikom-outsider, and opens the case. The contents of a safe deposit box explodes, alien dies, and Carter inexplicably is healing. The base starts a full-scale invasion of outsiders. Carter fight makes its way to the Folk who orders him and the agents of Niels and Kinney activate èleriumnuû bomb at the site near the base. It manages and selects pilot Barnes on helicopter Skajrendžer. A bomb attack destroys the Groom range.

Survivors arrive at the underground base XCOM, where Faulk explained that began a full-scale invasion of the aliens on the territory of the United States and possibly worldwide. Outsiders also create obstacles on all ranges, that helps keep the public in the dark and to avoid panic. Based on turns infiltrator Outsiders that hides in the morgue. Trying to take it alone, Nils agent dies. Carter and two other agent manages to take the stranger into captivity.

The first task of the Carter-Dr. Alan Uira from Rouzmontskogo University. Unfortunately, outsiders too try to capture or kill the doctor, as he conducts experiments on a Venn-gate technology suddenly move widely used by Outsiders for the invasion of Earth. Uira Assistant turns lazutčikom-outsider, but it helps the doctor in his studies and begs Carter to rescue Uira. At the base, Dr. Weir and his colleague Dr. Henry Dresner work in laboratories, exploring the alien technology.
The Bureau XCOM Declassified Game

The Bureau XCOM Game

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