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Tropico 5 Game

Tropico 5 Game

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Review: Tropico 5 is a computer game in the genre of economic strategy, city-building Simulator, developed by the Bulgarian Studio Haemimont Games for Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, and Xbox 360 and published by German firm Kalypso Media. The game was released May 23, 2014 year for PC. The Russian version is manufactured by beech. The game is fully localized into Russian language.

Era-start rule in colonial times, relive the world wars and the great depression, evolve to the present day. and further! Since the 19th and 21st century, each era has its own special challenges and unique opportunities.

The dynasty is on the island, each Member of the large family of El Presidente can be appointed ruler, Governor, Ambassador, or General. Invest money in his dynasty, discover new features and turn your family in their greatest assets.
Research and modernization - develop your nation, learning the construction of new buildings, discovering new technologies and resources. Upgrade old buildings to raise their efficiency!

Enhanced trade and commercial fleet - create a large merchant fleet and use your ships to maintain trade relations with neighbouring islands and the super-powers. Export their goods worldwide and import what you need.Completely renewed design-decoration games was created anew, to provide unique visual style 5 Tropico. There are over 100 buildings, appropriate to a specific historical period.
 Co-op and multiplayer modes - up to four players can simultaneously build their cities and develop the economy on any map. Players will be able to share various resources and population or declare war on each other.Among the innovations will also be new buildings, new Ordinances and new international job.
Tropico 5 Game

Tropico 5 Game

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