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Worms Crazy Golf Game

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Review: Worms is a series of computer games developed and released by the British company Team 17. The first part of the rulers was released in 1995 year. Is a turn-based game, combining elements of several genres. It differs significantly from the most characteristic representatives of the genre of turn-based strategy, but it can be attributed to this genre because in this game has a strategic component, and moves are in the queue.

v e r s i o n C Although the Worms series is the most famous representative of this branch of step-by-step games, first used in its principle appeared in the year 1990 in the game Tank Wars. Although the game was very poor animation, and units have been fixed, but the gameplay was the same as in later games in the series popularity Worms.

v e r s i o n C Worms game was developed by programmers company Team17 for the Amiga 500 PC, bejsikopodobnom language AMOS. For the Amiga has its own series of Worms, in year 1999 Team17 began to develop this series of games on other platforms (since Worms Armageddon). The last game of the Worms in the series for the Amiga called Worms: Final Cut.

v e r s i o n C There are many websites dedicated to Worms. A variety of tournaments, professional leagues. Once a year the Olympic Games are held.
 Worms Crazy Golf Game

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