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Alice Madness Returns Game

Alice Madness Returns Game

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Review: Alice Madness Returns is a computer game action adventure in the third person developed by Chinese studio Spicy Horse and published by Electronic Arts.  The release of the game took place June 14 2011 in the United States on June 16 - in Australia June 17 - in Europe and on July 21 - in Japan.  The product is designed for personal computers running Windows operating system as well as for game consoles PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 1 5. Distributor of the game in Russia was the company "1C-SoftKlab" 6.

Alice Madness Returns is the sequel plot American McGee's Alice computer game.  The game tells about Alice Liddell (born Alice Liddell.) - A girl suffering from emotional trauma caused by the death of her parents in a fire.  Alisa was discharged from a psychiatric clinic and during the game action live in a shelter for the mentally traumatized orphans under the care of Dr. Angus Bambi while it continues to experience hallucinations.  To get rid of trauma and learn the truth about his past she again falls into the Wonderland which settled new evil 7.

Development of Alice Madness Returns was held under the direct supervision of American McGee as the CEO of Spicy Horse 8. While the concept and storyline of the game were created in collaboration with McGee executive producer of the original American McGee's Alice Robert John Berg 9 10 design and content of the game was entrusted Spicy Horse team of artists under the direction of Ken Wong 11.  As in American McGee's Alice some of the main characters - Alice and the Cheshire Cat - into English actors voiced Susie Brann and Roger Jackson respectively 12.  The authors of the musical accompaniment made by Tai Jason Marshall Kratcher and composer of the previous game - Chris Vrenna - wrote to Alice only one track 13 Madness Returns.  In Alice Madness Returns is used the game engine Unreal Engine 3.5 as well as graphics acceleration technology and physical effects increase the realism of the game world PhysX 14.

The game has received both positive and negative reviews of major gaming publications.  The positive assessment by the majority of critics was the appearance of levels and game objects.  As negative points were marked by boredom and slowness of many moments of gameplay.

Alice Madness Returns Game

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