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Chicago 1930 Game

Chicago 1930 Game

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Review: The game America 1930-x, held near Nizhny Novgorod and collected 90 players. Chicago, hard times and the great depression.Prohibition in the United States! Well who doesn't know this era, everyone has seen the movie, read the feature and documentary works about this time each represented himself character of these books. That is why many gladly decided to participate in the game, devoted to the events of that period. Each participant chose the character himself.

It was the second game of this series, in which the wizards have taken into account the mistakes of past games, and she was on the right track and not disappoint players. The interaction of the organizers with the players during games is carried out entirely in-game means. Was a special model-so many letters, denunciations and applications was not even on the last game, where there was a very rigid bureaucracy.

A positive development worth noting is composed by masters of popular vocabulary phrases and slang of the time, when the dry law establish their special rules.

The game was agreed upon in advance with the owners of the landfill, just had a fallback option at 200 metres from the ground, to avoid inconvenience to participants in case of occurrence of force-majeur circumstances. The same official letter had been warned precinct and head of FEMA region. This landfill as much as possible approached under tasks of the game, as well as the convenience of third parties.

Low fee per game was one of the key factors for the organizers, but should meet the required for the games budget. The game was attended by professionals with experience in the role, Airsoft and hardbol′nyh games, as well as organizing group mertvâka, which many participants remembered as one of the most important components of the previous games. Master mertvâka conducted a long work with players to determine in what manner should leave a person, which in turn gave the organizers not to be distracted from their primary purpose. As a whole was at a level where the participants never thought about požiznevyh points and were completely immersed in the game.

Here perfectly settled as Manor police station and Italian families, and post office, Bank, prison, as well as our excellent restaurant "Il Sole Mio." Even with the presence in the residential neighborhood, no problems with local residents and authorities. Restaurant with his chef and assistants was just-Food Summit, anturažnaâ atmosphere, bartender, razlivavšij drinks out of the kettle, created an unforgettable experience for all players.
Chicago 1930 Game

Chicago 1930 Game

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