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Homeworld Deserts of Kharak Game

Homeworld Deserts of Kharak Game

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Review: Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak is a computer game, strategy. Developed by Blackbird Interactive, released in the year 2016 by Gearbox Software. The game is a prequel to space strategy "Homeworld" 1999 model year.
The style of play is reminiscent of the first part, but the action takes place on the surface of the planet, that is, the gameplay is more reminiscent of a typical real-time strategy, rather than fully three-dimensional strategy in the style of "Homeworld". However, some items were obviously borrowed from the first part. The center of gameplay is a ground carrier that is able to collect resources, produce units, conduct research and carry on fighting. Since the action takes place far from civilization on the planet Kharak in the deep desert, then the player can not depend on supply lines.it should be noted that the plot of "Deserts of Kharak" much more focused on the characters than the other parts.

For 106 years before the events of "Homeworld", in the depths of the great Ring of the desert planet Kharak orbiting satellite detects a mysterious object that receives the name of "Džarasi Object" (in honor of the scientist that found it) or "home anomaly". The Northern Coalition, the Union of kiit (clans) of the Kushan people in habitable zone between the northern polar ice and desert, decides to equip an expedition to the site of the mysterious object. However, the first expedition, operation "Skaal Brii, disappears without trace after a month, along with the aircraft carrier" Ifriit Naabal ". Four years later, the Coalition is making a second attempt, operation "Khadiim" equipping as many as five aircraft carriers. During this time the territory Coalition suffer increasing raids gaalsienov, members of a religious kiity which were driven into the desert after the destruction of the city. Considering that the anomaly is the only chance to save the planet from extinction (Kharaka ecosystem is deteriorating year after year), the coalition has invested all of the resources in this expedition.

But the nomads-gaalsieny believe that the space programme of the coalition and all attempts to leave the planet is a great sin in the eyes of the great Creator Sadžuuka, who will punish the entire Kharak for this (the first part of the players know that there is a grain of truth). To prevent the expedition, gaalsieny commit massive foray into the Coalition, destroying the advanced military bases and besieging the capital city Tdri. Of the five aircraft carriers survive only "Kapisi (S'džet kiita) and Sakala (Siidim kiita), and surviving expedition members decide to continue your journey at any cost.

Rachel S'džet-Chief Scientific Officer of the expedition, whose brother Jacob was starpomom aircraft carrier "Ifriit Naabal", and she intends to finish the job and find out the fate of his brother. Towards Coalition stand fanatics-gaalsieny led by the leader, who calls himself "K'Had Sadžuuk", intending to stop incorrect at any cost.
Homeworld Deserts of Kharak Game

Homeworld Deserts of Kharak Game

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